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Indianapolis Monthly! I am so excited! If you haven't seen the December 2010 Indy Monthly, check it out. Our macarons made the cover!

FUN PRESS! Thanks to the folks at the Indy Star for including us in their great article about fun snacks! If you didn't see it in the paper October 1, 2010, here is the link.

In case you missed the August 2010 article about Roger's soups in the Indy Star, here's the link to the story.

So, if you checked out August's Nuvo, you saw that we were voted 2nd for "Best Dessert" in Indy for 2010. Thank you SO much for everyone who voted for us! We were even a write-in vote, so how exciting!

Also, I am so excited that Indy Monthly Magazine included us in the August 2010 food section, featuring our French Macarons! If you want to order some, just let me know and we'll have them for you at the market you attend.

Check out July 22nd's Indy Star - Weekend section. Nice story about great donuts in town and they were nice enough to include our French Beignets! Mark your calendar - Thursday, August 12!

Did you get a chance to see our appearance on Fox 59 for Desserts with Halloween Candy? We had a great time and are looking forward to going back before Thanksgiving with our friends from Country Mouse City Mouse.

I am so excited! Patti Denton profiled us in the October 2009 issue of Indianapolis Woman Magazine. Thanks Patti!

We are included in a wonderful food blog - Going Local. Thanks Victoria!

in the Indianapolis Star April 22nd, 2009
Reader Recipe: Ma's Apple Squares
Secrets Revealed!

Five Things Pete Shumate Loves, in the Indianapolis Star March, 2009

in the Indianapolis Star January 21st, 2009
Baked & sweet
Muffins and quick breads lead a tasty resurgence in baking

I did the Five Things I Love in the Indianapolis Star in December, 2008.

Middle West Meals:
Food, Conversation and Community from the Urban-Prairie Land of Indianapolis
Community makes me so happy. The last week offered me bountiful reminders of the value of community. A small but special example: how I met Cindy Hawkins from Circle City Sweets... (read the whole article)

At the Temple of Earthly Delights, Indianapolis Monthly
More than five years in the making, Buggs Temple finally delivers the goods.
by Terry Kirts

Indianapolis Monthly Best Restaurants 2008

Tavern at the Temple (Buggs Temple)
337 W. 11th Street, 735-7960
With a chef whose resume includes a stint at NYC’s legendary Union Square Cafe, the restaurant in Buggs Temple — the historic, completely retrofitted venue on White River Canal — has added plenty to the downtown dining scene. In less than a year, mind you. Service can be a bit inconsistent still, but Chef Brad Gates’s menu of seasonal, regional fare (highlighted by house-smoked meats and fish) has a rustic elegance. Simple market greens get chic styling with cucumber ribbons and a ginger–shagbark syrup vinaigrette. Pan-seared Scottish salmon, a succulent roasted chicken with root vegetables, and beef tenderloin seared on just one side demonstrate Gates’s skill with varying textures and sauces. And pastry chef Cindy Hawkins’s apple tarte tatin, buttery raspberry bars, and decadent banana tart end the meal on a high note. Inside tip: Split a first course and save room for dessert. Bar exam: The wine list is a bit short, but cocktails such as a classic Manhattan are top-notch.

We also made Indianapolis Monthly's Dish:

The Dish - Edited by Julia Spalding
Quick Bites

Like a Prayer
Are you there, God? It's us, The Dish. And we just want to say that we love what you've done so far with Buggs Temple (337 W. 11th St., 735-7960). In the few weeks it's been open, we've already had some memorable dinners, feasting on suckling pig, lamb chops, and smoked trout cakes in a historic 1918 church, dizzy on applewood smoke and coveting the intimate, high-backed booths along the back wall. The dark-paneled bar off to the side, overlooking the canal, is a fine spot for after-work drinks. And (former Oakleys Bistro) pastry chef Cindy Hawkins' dessert menu is truly a blessing. Please see that she has plenty of sweet, dense bananas to save her banana tart from mediocrity. And please let our dry cleaner figure out a way to get the smoke smell out of all our work shirts. Amen.

Indiana Living, the Indianapolis Star:
The sweet life
Woman gives up a career in health care to put on a chef's hat

And then there's Feed Me / Drink Me, Indianapolis food, wine and commentary

Thursday, November 01, 2007 - Tavern at the Temple: First Impressions
Posted by braingirl
The desserts were tasty managed by pastry chef Cindy Hawkins (who some regulars will remember from Oakleys Bistro years ago.) My favorite of the night? The hazelnut chocolate mousse torte cake. (Yum!) The people I was with had already tried the banana tart which may well be this restaurant's signature dessert. We also tried a tasty shortbread with raspberry filling and sabayon.

Cindy Hawkins, Pastry Chef/Owner
Historic City Market Building - 222 East Market Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204